Hello there! I’m Surabhi, a fine art photographer and visual storyteller based in Perth, WA. I was born and raised in India migrating to Australia at the young age of 17. My deep affection for art took root as a child  with dancing, drawing and writing – and I have yet to lose my curiosity with creativity. I live with my awesome husband who is my very best friend and my fur baby, a chocolate lab named Nika. I love quite moments, conversations with friends and family, coffee, thunderstorms, nature and finding the interesting in the ordinary. 

Photography makes my heart sing. My philosophy is to have fun, always! I understand that family photos can be quite stressful but they don’t have to be. The goal is for you to get stunning photos and enjoy the experience. My sessions are always easy-going and well planned so that you have nothing to stress over. 

I love showing emotion and movement in my work. My approach combines lifestyle and fine art into a beautiful, unique style that is both emotive and timeless. My goal is to create something truly unique and beautiful for each client.